“We believe high fashion should be inclusive and responsible.”


Who We Are

INSPR is a brand created by industry veterans who are passionate about design and quality and wanted to challenge the norms in fashion.

We create monthly limited-edition collections with members of our community who inspire us. To keep our designs current and curated, we do NOT reorder. If you see something you like, buy it, because it won t come back.

What we believe in:

Details at
an Inclusive Price

High Fashion Looks
Should be Available
in a Wider Range of Sizes

In Transparency
and Responsible

NOT Mean

What Inspires Us
Our Muses

We’re inspired by people who are passionate about style, art, design, travel, and community. INSPR helps bring their style-story to life.

The Details

From ruffles and ruching to patterns and prints, it’s the little things that matter the most. We customize each piece to look—and feel—special.


Quality counts. We partner with master pattern-makers and top quality mills and suppliers to create pieces that will last for seasons and years.


From sustainable practices to supply chain transparency, INSPR only works with responsible partners to make clothes with a conscience.

The Collection

“I see the Modern Romantic as someone that appreciates her feminine side and sees a dress as the foundation of her wardrobe.”

I designed my collections with the “everyday muse” in mind. It’s made for women looking to stand out, but wearable enough and accessible enough for the everyday.

When I think of a muse, I think of someone iconic. The woman who stands out from the pack for her individuality.

If you look closely, you’ll notice each piece has one stand-out detail that has been the epitome of my style since the early NATALIE OFF DUTY days. I'm designing for the woman who lives for the details.

I love little whimsical flares—the ruffle of a sleeve, the ruching of a dress, the tapering of the waist, or a playful print like a polka-dot.

I went with earthy colors, but mixed them up with bold pops of color that I am most excited to wear this fall season like pink fuchsia and mustard yellow.

I see the modern romantic as someone that appreciates her feminine side and sees a dress as the foundation of her wardrobe.

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“Our Creator Community Creates,
Curates and Inspires us.”


Our Creators Circle is a group of tastemakers and artists who inspire others through their
craft or personal style. Our Creators are an extension of our brand family and team.

Create, Curate
& Inspire.

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